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تفسير منام النمل

صور تفسير منام النمل

The ants are a lot in the dream of soldiers, and their vision on the bed of children, and seeing ants, indicate the same vision, and was said to indicate his relatives, and was said that the ants exit from their hole cloud, and see the ants running on the patient death, And the ants saw entering his house with food.


The best of his house.


And the sight of the ants coming out of the food from his house is lacking, and the ants exit from the nose or ear or other members, indicates the death of the visionary as a martyr, if he sees himself rejoice when she leaves, if it is worse, it is afraid of him, and the ants is a weak and careful man.


Offspring or owner or length of life.


And if an ant sees a village or country, that country enters a soldier.


If they come out of it, they will bear it.


If he sees that the ants escape from a country or a house, the thieves carry something from that place and there is an building, because the ants and the architecture do not meet.


The abundance of ants in a country without harm to one, indicates the large number of people of the country.
And it is in a dream, some people are weak, those who are keen, and pass through the soldiers and the people, and in the long life, who sees the entrance to the village of Van Janda enter it.


– It is narrated that the ants on his bed multiplied his children and he came out of Darhqs number of his family and see him fly from where the patient is dying or travel from that place people to appeal and indicate the fertile and livelihood because it is only in a place where the livelihood and if the patient saw that the ants He will die and be told.


– From Rai Ants come out of his place and his mind they are.


– and see a lot in a house or place, there is a large number of people that place and their descendants and the Raah come out of his home or place Vahahlh less death or conversion and sacrifice as well as they are weak people and if it became an antagonist to the destruction of a large number of soldiers and seeing ants On the same vision and indicate the relatives and knowledge of the words ants mandate for the story of Solomon peace be upon him.


– It is narrated Ants enter his home with food is much better.


– and see ants come out of the food out of his house is lacking and the ants exit from the nose and ear or other members and Hufrahan thus indicates the death of the visionary martyr, although the grief died on the non – repentance and saw that the ants fled from the country and the house thieves carry from that place something Or there is an architecture because ant and architecture do not meet and a lot of ants in a country without harm to one indicates the large number of people of the country.


– It was narrated that he had killed a man who committed a sin because of weak people and he heard the words of ants and he was good for the emirate, he got the emirate, and he did not get rich and good, and the big ants of the invaders killed them and the sick their death and those who want to travel their fatigue and loss.


– and see a huge ant carrying a load of his house and went out, he steals his money from the honors of his son or brother.

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